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Tiera Newhouse believes in love with happiness and peace. Despite the scars of the past and how doubts have permanently resided in her heart, she finds a way to fall in love again.

Our life works in mysterious ways. Love, too, is enigmatic. Tiera believes that to love someone, a person has to fall in love with themselves first. They need to embrace all the disappointments and failures they have encountered, and only then can they dare to love again. And this time, it might be an understanding between two broken people who come together to complete each other—a love in which they find peace and happiness.

Tiera is a business-minded individual who tries to find success in the things she loves doing. She dedicates most of her time to her children.

Tiera’s journey, just like everyone else, has been arduous. She started working at the age of sixteen and is only a high school graduate because she got dropped out of college. After working hard, she tried to create a nonprofit boxing gym to honor her parents. To fund this nonprofit, she became an author. Her first novel was Trieshay’s Silver Spoon.

About the

Life works in mysterious ways but so does love!

Trieshay has always been a lonely girl at her heart, but with Destry, it gets a little better. Destry is all that she ever loved and wanted, but it all changes when Destry suddenly disappears without leaving a trace. He leaves her hanging, and soon Trieshay finds the truth about him. She is left heartbroken, and loneliness engulfs her.

Trieshay wants to be loved again. Out of the gloom, Trieshay dives into the world of dating, and there she meets Renquierre, who charms her and makes his way to her heart. However, Trieshay has several doubts as what happened to her in the past still haunts her. Nevertheless, Renquierre does what no one ever did for her; he understands her pain and does everything to prove his love. It is the story of two broken and lonely people who come together to complete each other. They find comfort in each other’s company and stay together regardless of the circumstances.

Tiera Newhouse: Trieshay's Silver Spoon


“Trieshay’s Silver Spoon” combines all the elements of self-love, a broken relationship, and allowing the right person to love you for who you are. If you wish to understand true love, you must read it.


"After my first relationship, I wasn’t ready to accept that he could leave me just like that. I tried to get him back and started changing myself to fit his frame, but sadly, he still left me. After reading this book, I realized the value of self-love and why I should move on and let him go."

Melissa Patrick (marketing specialist)

"This book helps you understand why you should give all the liberties and freedom to your partner. You cannot cage them to be with you. True love is about freedom, and if they stay, they truly love you."

Beth McCarthy (professional writer)

“I love the theme of this book. It helps you understand nothing to feel guilty about if you dare to find love again. After reading this book, I understood the value of self-love and why it is important to love yourself before sharing that love with others.”

Patrick Godson (Designer and Marketer)