Book author, Tiera Newhouse

Book author, Tiera Newhouse, believes love and peace are what makes the world go ‘round. Love, in her opinion, is the only thing that can bring peace. Despite the scars of her past, and how doubts have permanently resided in her heart, Tiera finds a way to fall in love again in “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon.”

Life is complicated because it works in mysterious ways. Love, too, is enigmatic. The author believes that to love someone, a person must fall in love with themselves first. You must embrace all your flaws, relationship disappointments, heartbreaks, and the relationship fails that you have managed to encounter. Only then can you find love or fix the relationships you have in your life.

Before releasing “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon,” Tiera was President of a nonprofit boxing gym that she and some friends decided to put together, but the pandemic restricted them significantly. To fund this project, Tiera became a book author writing her first book, “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon” in 2021. When it became a success, she continued to write more to fund her future dreams.

Eventually, Tiera received her certification as a copywriter at The Blackford Centre for Copywriting to better her writing. The more Tiera wrote the more writing became an addiction to her. Writing became an obsession as it helped her mentally progress in life past what she faced in her past, disorderly conduct on a flyer. As she continued writing more, she knew readers would enjoy the details of her personal life reintroduced through the frame of creative imagination. With that said, becoming a book author was the perfect career choice for her.

Tiera’s writing addiction forced her to publish her second book, “Disorderly Conduct on a Flyer.” It was released in 2022. She believes that justice and love can make this world a better place in this book. Tiera stresses that material things are NOT worth someone’s life no matter what. With her writing, she has hopes to make communities better because her dogma will always be to be yourself and never feel ashamed about it. It’s the ‘True love of self-rule.’ Always give yourself a second chance and never give up on anything you love about yourself.

Tiera is a famous, business-minded individual achieving success in all the things she loves to do. She dedicates time to helping others and writing while spending what time she has left with her family. Her journey in life, just like everyone else, has been arduous. Even though Tiera couldn’t afford to finish college, she didn’t let that stop her from publishing any of her books, even as a single mom. Tiera has one child, named Myreya Ivory Murphy.

Still progressing as a book author, Tiera is currently working with publishers to publish her third novel that is yet to be released! She expects to finally reach her goals and dreams of having her books in bookstore on their shelves nationwide. She can’t wait to get her story out and in the hands of readers who are searching for their next book to gossip about. Her goal is to become a bestselling author, bring one of her books to the movie screen, and write 7 more books as she continues to fight for positivity in the world.