Remember the time you got dumped for being yourself? Being in love, still, is a beautiful feeling, because someone loves you. Although love happens to almost everyone, it isn’t easy to maintain every single time you find this thing called love. You must experience heartbreak in your life to find it, and you must also get over it to progress in life. “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon” delivers a two-time, heartbreaking affair, but Trieshay gets over it. She faces her fears and dares to love again. Be like Trieshay. When you need someone to complete you, dare to find love. Upon meeting someone, you tend to experience feelings of euphoria, excitement, and delight, but don’t let that stop you from receiving love.

Once you fall in love, you’re riding this love rollercoaster that you can’t just up and get off of. Emotions are involved the longer the ride is, and time gets spent during that ride until it’s over. You basically have to ride the ride until it’s over! Once you can get off the ride, overcome that roller-coaster by daring to love again and again. Progress in a positive direction like Trieshay chose to do. Instead of being dumped, realize your self-worth and continue to accept find ways to fall in love again. Get in tune with yourself, get your mind focused and on track, then move on to find your true love again. Don’t be afraid while getting over heartbreak. Talk to people and learn who you really are! There are really no rules to know how you can find true love, so the best thing going is to go out and seek it. Seek it and you will find it. When you find it, start to look forward to a life filled with love.

Be caring towards yourself and your partner. Many life obstacles start to appear and you start needing to trust that someone is on your side. When you are offering your heart, which is the most valuable thing you have, your expectations from this person automatically start to rise. You are placed in a happy state around them like a loving euphoria and everything reminds you of your bond when you’re apart. The love you share becomes memorable. You start to feel a remarkable feeling and it uplifts you like none other. But if when things don’t work out, approach it from the experience of heartbreak Trieshay experienced! At the other end of the spectrum, nobody wants to hear “It’s over.” No amount of alcohol or comfort would help ease the pain of losing someone you love, so find yourself and dare to love again.

While some people totally shut themselves out on love; others remain open to receiving something even more beautiful. A marriage! Heartbreaks are vital to successful relationships and despite the pain, you learn to appreciate how beautiful love makes you feel. The book “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon” is a reminder of how love and heartbreak are two ends of the same spectrum. The book focuses on a girl losing the love of her life, but she never gives up on believing in love. When you have faith, things only get better and brighter. For those who are struggling with heartbreak, this is a book that will lend you some comfort. Based on true events, it is a story that most women would be able to resonate with, regardless of what their love status is like. “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon” is a narrative that not only helps take away some of your pain but also reinstates your belief in love!

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