Most people rarely understand the concepts of law and attraction. There are definitely rules of attraction, proof being how people love different things in the partner they are ultimately looking for. In every relationship, each person looks for certain attributes in a partner. That’s what connects them if it’s found, such as sharing the same favorite movie. This love attraction will contract a marriage if of course you’re both investing time in each other and you both accept each other for who you are. Using these laws to their advantage, they do make dreams come true as a result.

Everything we do, consciously or subconsciously in dating, sends out a vibration frequency. It’s kind of like a magnet trying to attract everything but it can’t. Most people want to stick to someone they like, but it’s not always meant to be. Like a magnet, see what all sticks to you. You can stick too and you may want to pick up everything, but you can’t. Same with dating. You may want to attract a specific person, but you may not always attract them, because you’re meant for someone else. In my opinion, many people are blind to the potential someone different can offer, so they leave behind anyone they cannot “stick to.” But then again, the laws of attraction may have kicked someone’s ass as well.

When in a relationship, if your thoughts are not in control, neither will your life be. It is a true art that many people are excelling at and they are attracting all the right things and all the right people in their lives. Good for them too! People with a high frequency to pursue love are the people who love and value themselves through self-love. By loving yourself, you demand the proper respect and define how you should be treated in a relationship. By taking care of yourself, you appreciate yourself more and you let your personality shine through no matter what situation you are living in. When you stop fearing abandonment from past relationships and love yourself without relying on external affirmations, you are less likely to settle for anything less. So when someone starts treating you badly, you should walk out.

The story Trieshay tells focuses on these aspects of relationships and traumatic experiences that many women experience in life before they find marriage. There are times when you feel the need to be with someone so intensely that you no longer care how they have treated you. What you need to do is let go of situations like these and keep working on yourself. By doing so, you prepare yourself for just the right one. When the time is right and your thoughts are in control, you begin to attract the right guy in your life. Read this novel and you will start appreciating yourself more!

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