Some people feel worthless after breaking up with someone. Sometimes, hurt makes you doubt yourself or your dating situation. Questions arise; will you ever find anyone to love you how you want or deserve to be loved? Love is something we all want and do pursue. Oftentimes, we see an affirmation of love as an acknowledgment of our self-worth, and we shouldn’t. Loving yourself means you don’t let yourself stay caught up in unhealthy, abusive, or any other toxic relationship that negatively affects your life. When you know the true value you hold, you’re likely to make the right decision in your dating life.

Does the Universe at large only love us as much as we love ourselves? Once we break away from what society has ingrained in us, we can truly love ourselves. Not only will you attract the things that make you happy, but you’ll also attract the people who would be adding to your life. Attracting the right people who are willing to love again will not only benefit the atmosphere, but it will also uplift you. As a person loving yourself, you are finding that love that completes you; finding love to fill the empty void or hole that was placed in your heart during heartbreak.

Before expecting love from others, practice loving yourself first. By being in love with yourself, you become more caring towards the self and begin to practice self-discipline and know what you accept from others. The discipline allows you to be more focused on your goals without leading to any burnouts or needs for external affirmations. Plus, anyone with intentions on loving someone else, should find love within themselves first anyways. Truly loving yourself for who you are helps to expose your love towards one another. It’s called honesty. It provides a love so special; it becomes unconditional regardless of what or how you have been treated in the past. It certainly does not need reliance on any external factor… What matters is the love.

You can feel love from within being true to yourself. You know what you like, what you don’t like, and everything that qualifies to be your favorite thing. Knowing who you are, lets someone you love you. You just need to know what it takes to make it eternal, love. Eternal love requires that you know and love yourself. It’s the kind of love that is setting standards for how you need to be treated. By being aware of yourself in terms of your strengths, weaknesses, passions and vulnerabilities; you start to accept your flaws and find a way to make peace with it. When you find a partner who can also identify them with you, you know you’ve found the right person. You’ve allowed someone to pursue your passions and learn to live in the present with you, so envision a future!

Self-love is no magic. It’s loving who you truly are. It’s an attitude you need to embrace and practice. It’s how future relationships will start taking place whether it ends in friendship, love, something else. Moreover, once you know who you are, your qualities, self-awareness and self-worth are determined, and no one can take it away from you. This is what “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon” focuses on. When Trieshay was left shattered after a breakup, she did not let it get in the way of her loving herself or Mary. To experience true love was beautiful. Every person who might be struggling to get over an ex-lover must read this book to appreciate themselves and open themselves up to receiving a true love story. Because you deserve nothing less than to love at least yourself.

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