“Trieshay’s Silver Spoon,” opens with Trieshay being in love. She believes she’s in love with the man whom she believes shares mutual feelings of love. Tiera labels Trieshay as the lonely girl, because Trieshay does not know she’s in love with herself. Self-love is indeed the best love because you are the only person who has to love you forever. Self-love carries Trieshay through this devastating heartbreak as she begins her journey to find healthy, joyful, love with the love of her life. Trieshay will show you that heartbreak can be a positive thing because it teaches you a lot about yourself. You unknowingly stand up for your beliefs and continue to find that love you oh so desire to have in your life. With heartbreak, you learn who you are and what you like or dislike and that is how you find the love of your life.

Occasionally, you may reflect on all the precious memories you created in your past. Like gazing at an old picture, or erasing old messages you never knew you still had with someone. The moments you spent with each other after a breakup may reflect nothing but psychic agony, but realize how you loved yourself enough to leave. You might even leave to love the other person too! We might have assumed that person was to be the love of our life at that time, but the breakup says otherwise. Just remember, If you just experienced a breakup, try imagining a future that doesn’t include that certain someone in your love life anymore. It may seem like a mountain to climb, but fry that fish, because there’s more in the sea.

It’s healthy to start analyzing your mistakes because it’s a breakup! Try to get them off your mind with a hobby while thinking about what you can do differently. Then, you will be able to either fix the problem or forget the relationship and move on happily. With Trieshay, she had a baby to think about, so the father was able to stick around in that case. Even with this situation, Renquierre was there to steal Trieshay away for eternity. The biggest question people ask themselves is ‘How could you have prevented this fiasco in the first place?’ The process of letting go of someone you love is without a doubt life’s most painful experience. Investing any amount of emotional energy or time into a relationship may make the thought of living a life without them may seem hard, but it isn’t.

All relationships are unique in their own way, and there are countless reasons why sometimes, it is better to let go. Regardless of the trigger, the emotional fallout will be substantial, which is completely normal. Just try and be kind to yourself and anticipate a period of emotional turbulence. The novel “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon” is a story of this beautiful and loving girl, who found it hard to let go. But when she did, she opened herself to the universe. Deciding to let go doesn’t have to be extremely challenging to face. It’s not always a dark reality, so it is essential to carve out a new path for yourself and allow another person to do the same.

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