2. Stories will have to meet required word count and page count
  3. Must be 18 or older to participate.
  4. You must follow @NewhouseTiera on Twitter until the contest is over. If your name cannot be found following her, and you get chosen as the winner, it is automatic disqualification from the contest.
  5. You grant Tiera rights to use your story on her website, in a book, or anywhere else in the media. Tiera agrees to keep names, and personal details confidential in return.
  6. Contestants agree not to promote illegal activities, discrimination, and racism, or anything else which is lawfully prohibited. If you promote any illegal activity, it is an automatic disqualification.
  7. Winners all grant full permissions for TieraNewhouse.Com to use their stories for any reason.
    1. Each person agrees that all stories submitted become property of TieraNewhouse.Com
  8. No plagiarism. Writers work hard on their work and TieraNewhouse.Com expects each person to use their own ideas. Plagiarism is automatic disqualification.
    1. Quoting is allowed
    2. Works cited pages are allowed
  9. Winners will receive their prize via check in the mail. There will be no second place and so forth. If Tiera is impressed with your story, you win. That easy.
    1. TieraNewhouse.Com cannot accept entries from Syria, Iran, North Korea, or Crimea. No persons from these places can enter or win.
  10. Winners agree to receive their prize via check in the mail, otherwise there will be no other way to receive the prize.
  11. Winners agree that TieraNewhouse.Com may announce them as the winner on any platform, including other websites.
  12. Winners agree and acknowledges that TieraNewhouse.Com may use any photo to portray their winnings and associate it with their real name or a fake name as a winner. For example, Tom may have won the contest, but TieraNewhouse.Com can choose to use Terrance’s photo, or a photo of someone else to declare there was a winner in cases where the contestant is nonresponsive, non-cooperative, or unavailable.