Trieshay loved Destry, and many readers are asking, WHY does she still love him? It’s obvious! In the story, Trieshay loves Destry unconditionally, because she respects Destry after her heartbreak. She loves and allows Destry to act like the person he is! She decides to accept his flaws and his wishes as she makes her own decisions in the end. So, why shouldn’t she love him? Heartbreak did open her eyes to much more things that she really loves. She found what she wanted all along.

If you love yourself, you won’t allow yourself to be unhappy. You also won’t allow yourself to become entangled or stuck in a relationship that is not meant for you, because if you do it won’t motivate you to do anything. You’ll most likely become distracted by it, and you may actually end up breaking someone’s heart if it’s not meant to be. Decide to get out and do something different. You may unknowingly find something that is just perhaps waiting for you around the corner. Love is a feeling and there is no guarantee in it. Even if you have spent years with someone, there is a chance you might get over the relationship, so you should really read “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon” more than once to see how things can be appreciated big or small.

People choose to do things and it doesn’t have to be about them. Living life can be just about anything and everything that this world can hold. Don’t judge or see yourselves as victims in a relationship. Instead, see each other as partners in a relationship. End and begin all relationships on a positive note. Be emotionally stable. What we think about ourselves, doesn’t just affect us but also alters the behavior of others towards us which mentally affects our brains. Self-love is magical and once you start believing in yourself and your life changes for the better when you take a step out on love.

Never give up on your relationship. “Progress instead of stress” is what Tiera says. If you talk things over, you can and will eventually come to a compromise. Whether you’re agreeing to disagree, or you both agree altogether, the point is you progress by getting past the issue. A happier relationship with yourself will thrive once you conquer the issue. Relief comes when you progress past it. So, relax, be yourself, and enjoy whoever you spend time with. You will be much happier in life, so read “Trieshay’s Silver Spoon,” today.

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